Dr. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram, Ph.D.


GK Educational Services

GK Educational Services will help you identify the higher education program that’s right for you, Earn MIT and other IVY League university course credits, and then help you craft the strongest candidacy possible.   

GK Educational Services provides counsel on undergraduate, graduate, professional, and interdisciplinary programs around the world. Our team of experts is equipped to advise on colleges and universities in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, China, and India. 

Our team of experts is led by Dr. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  With international experience as a university administrator and professor, Dr. Kalyanaram has first-hand knowledge of the admission processes and standards for undergraduate and graduate programs in universities around the world.

Dr. Kalyanaram’s professional experience includes international work in the academic, non-governmental, and corporate sectors providing him insight into qualifications and qualities sought by educational institutions in broad array of disciplines.   

Dr. Kalyanaram’s work is in Management Science; Education and Public Policy; Economics; and Innovation is highly cited.  He serves as a management and policy consultant to many US-based organizations, and was a distinguished scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, and the East-European and Russian Research Center. 

Dr. Kalyanaram has served as an Academic and Research Advisor to many US and global universities including MIT and SUNY Stony Brook (US), International University of Japan (Japan), Jiang Xi University (China), and many universities in India.


Our Mission & Expertise

GK Educational Services  aims to help you to select and gain admission to the college or university program that best fits your aspirations, interests and credentials. 

Led by Dr. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram our international team of experts is equipped to provide informed counsel on selection of higher education institutions in: the United States, Europe, Australia, China, Japan, and India.


GK Educational Services include:

Earning MIT and other IVY league university course credits and certificates
at your convenience and with small investment.

Identifying, evaluating, selecting, and applying to

  • Undergraduate Degree Programs
  • Graduate Degree Programs (Masters and Doctoral)
  • Interdisciplinary Programs and Studies
  • Executive and Professional Programs